We Schools in Action-Promoting Social Consciousness

Social consciousness, active citizenship, social justice, community activism and leadership.

These are only some of the 21st century skills that many Canadian students are exposed to through “We Schools in Action” a program offered by Free the Children, an organization committed to “inspiring a generation to care about social justice and providing the practical tools needed to turn that inspiration into action.”

Students are inspired to take action by initiating and engaging in local actions in the community, as well as by making connections to the global community. By placing emphasis on social responsibility and global awareness, the program promotes 21st century readiness skills.

By taking local and global action, students can see change in their own communities, and understand how they can be part of the same change overseas. They learn about global issues and discover how to be part of global solutions. At the same time, they recognize that social and environmental struggles are not problems for other people but that they too have a role to play making the world, near and far, a better place.
Free the Children

In conjunction with We Schools in Action, participating school boards/districts in British Columbia, Ontario and Québec are attending We Day, an event that kicks off a year-long commitment to local and global action. The event promotes awareness and education of social issues through inspiring discussions, performances and motivational speakers. Al Gore, Marc Garneau, Michel Chikwanine and Craig and Marc Kielburger are just a few of this year’s prestigious speakers in Vancouver, Toronto and Montréal. Since 2007, 51,400 students from across Canada have attended We Day, and students have volunteered more than 150,000 hours to benefit over 500 charities and community groups.