Press Release: Motion 571 Supported in Principle by Canadian School Boards Association


Motion 571 Supported in Principle by CSBA

Montréal, Québec, Oct. 21 – At the October 3rd CSBA Board of Directors meeting in Montreal, provincial presidents unanimously passed a motion to support in principle, Motion 571 (Shannen’s Dream) – a private members bill introduced by MP Charlie Angue (Timmins-James Bay).

The motion calls for recognition and action to address the rights of Aboriginal children to access high quality, culturally-relevant education.

“There is a profound discrepancy between educational experiences of Aboriginal students across the country and those of students who attend our provincial public schools” said Nada Borden, CSBA President.

The CSBA has identified Aboriginal Education as a priority issue. “Student achievement has to mean achievement for every student in every province.  We cannot stand by while one segment of the population is denied access to quality learning environments. Canada is a leader in education achievement world-wide. We should also lead in equity of access to education.”

Further to Mr. Angus’s motion, CSBA through its provincial associations will endeavour to work collaboratively with First Nation leaders to establish stronger governance and resource models.

There is an urgent need to conduct a comprehensive and objective review to identify discrepancies in capital, teacher training and educational resources provided by the Federal government. The gaps are there and they have a direct impact on the achievement potential of Aboriginal students in their own communities and when they enter the provincial system.

Canadian citizens want the best for Aboriginal children and their families and access to quality educational experiences is not only a key to success but a basic human right.


Andrea Prupas, Managing Director