An Inspiring Experience at CSBA Congress 2010

CSBA Congress 2010 is an annual professional development opportunity that provides professional development in many facets of education: legal issues for school boards, policy, governance, pedagogy, emerging technologies, educational leadership, promising practices, and many, many more.

This year, the Newfoundland and Labrador School Boards Association (NLSBA) welcomed approximately 350 delegates from across the country to the city of St. John’s. And what a warm and friendly welcome we received, along with some true Newfoundland hospitality.

Our delegates arrived from almost every province and territory (including NT and the Yukon), allowing us to obtain a true Pan-Canadian perspective at our professional development sessions.

Highlights of the Congress include:

  • Our keynote speakers who inspired us with their experiences and their vision of educational leadership (General Rick Hillier, Vickie Kaminski, Mr. Ed Smith and Dr. T.A. Loeffler).
  • A wide variety of informative sessions, given by professionals and researchers across Canada
  • Our interactive Town Hall Forum: What Skills Should the Student of the 21st Century Possess?

We wish to thank the NLSBA and its school districts (Labrador, Western, Nova Central, Eastern and Conseil Scolaire Francophone) for an informative and enjoyable professional development opportunity.